Tick an important box

Get a suit that is custom made for you and that makes you stand out on your most important day. Be it for church, your speech or the first dance: There is nothing more comforting for your body language than a suit that fits. Why not choose a contrasting waistcoat to complement your outfit? We can help to find the right suit without stretching the budget. We want our clients to enjoy their well- fitting suit way after their wedding. That is why we look for an elegant material that will last a long time. If required, we advise our clients what fabric to consider with regard to their personality and overall appearance.


Wear your shirt and suit again

We want our clients to enjoy their custom – made outfit after their wedding, as well. That is why we look for an elegant combination that will last a long time.

The Groomsmen: Tick the box

Alexander offers the Metropolitan Suit, a simplified suiting option for more than 2 individuals. Please feel free to contact our showroom to learn more.




An amazing experience. The people were so friendly and made me feel at home. I walked away feeling satisfied and I learned so much in the process. I know that my suit is in great hands.
I decided to have my wedding suit made by Alexander Suits, what an epic experience! Exceptionally professional, friendly and accommodating service. I will definitely be back.
A. Metzger